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Best Home-Based Business

Home-Based Business

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46% of the population is already a target market & getting a raw deal

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46% of Americans play the lottery. This means nearly every other person you know, have a connection to on social media, or will ever connect with in the future, would rather use this system than purchase tickets the old-fashion way.

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Over 150 million Americans alone spend $70 Billion Dollars a year on lottery tickets, hoping to hit pay-dirt against astronomical odds. Up until now, state retailers were the only way to purchase tickets. This system gives them higher odds, lets them play profitably (even if every ticket is a worthless loser) and most important of all, pays you every month!

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WealthPerx was established in 1996 and the first United States Lottery started in 1964. Our product is the Lottery not a product that has to be sold with high-pressure tactics, or one that needs a lengthy explanation.

Discover how to play on hundreds or even thousands of

Powerball & Mega Millions

Powerball & Mega Millions

tickets every month and get paid to do it, Win or Lose.

There are plenty of systems available today to try and increase odds in the lottery. People spend money on all sorts of techniques that do very little to increase odds. Things like analyzing hot numbers or histories, wheeling systems, and more.

The only true way to increase lottery odds is to play on more tickets. That’s something most of these systems have you do anyway.

Lottery pools win a higher percentage of jackpots. They have more purchasing power, so they can buy more tickets.

ConAgra Food Plant workers split a $365 million dollar Powerball jackpot in 2006. But lottery pools have a tremendous downside.

As the size of the pool increases, potential payouts decrease and at some point, potential earnings would be so small it wouldn’t be worth it to be in the pool.

WealthPerx Changes That For Lottery Players…