Trade And Invest LiKe A Pro

No “Wealth” umbrella of services would be complete without discussing trading and investing.

Astro Tech Trading is an online only service covering world indices (like the Dow Jones, S&P500, DAX) US Dollar, Some Stocks, Forex, Silver, Gold, and Oil.

If you ever wondered how markets “truly” work and want to profit by their moves on any time-frame, this is a must.

Some of What’s Included:

  • Videos on How to access markets around the clock, not just when the NYSE is open
  • Videos explaining access to financial instruments “pros” use. These maximize leverage and reduce risk
  • How to set up an account and trade immediately
  • Short and Long Term Market projections on all asset classes covered
  • Trade calls with entry and exit points
  • A Real-Time discussion room
  • Trader’s Blog Access with frequent updates
  • A “Noise Free” Chat Room Where Only Trade Calls Are Posted

Astro Tech Trading predicted every major pivot point in the market since the service launched. Both timing and price got nailed. An end to this decade-long bull run is on the horizon and may have already started by the time you read this. Discover how to protect yourself and profit under all market conditions, up or down.

See the website for more details, but don’t enroll there. Retail subscriptions are $800 every quarter, or $2,060 per year.

As a WealthPerx member, you can access the service for as little as $28 per month. Don’t tell anyone in the public room what you are paying. Most subscribers have been active long before Astro Tech Trading was offered to WealthPerx Members. They are paying retail prices.

There is a tremendous audience of traders and investors who would love this service. As proven, they are paying much higher prices for it.