WealthPerx Mindset

Mindset is key to wealth. The movie “The Secret” has brought the Law of Attraction to mainstream, but there’s only so much which can be accomplished by watching a 90 minute movie.

If you want The Law of Attraction working for you, several steps need to be mastered and implemented in the correct order. One of the earliest programs to present it correctly (developed in the early 1900’s) is The Master Key System by Charles Haanel.

Haanel sold the course to participants at a cost of $1,500, which in today’s standards would equate to over $25,000. Lessons were delivered to participants one at a time every week over a 24 week period.

You start with simple concepts and exercises, build a core foundation early on, and compound your results as you progress. In today’s times, meditation, focused concentration, and other required steps are tough to achieve.

Distractions and frequencies emitted by everything around us interfere with our ability to get in the “right” brain state for this to work. Brainwave entrainment bypasses these obstacles and puts you in the right state for any purpose.

Rapid Manifestation Takes The Master Key System To a New Level With

These Modern-Day Technological Advances:

  • Content gets delivered through an online portal instead of postal mail. You can either read the lesson content or listen to it on audio.
  • A Learning Module uses brainwave entrainment to get you in the best state to absorb and retain the material.
  • Study questions are presented in “Drop Down” box format. You see the question, say the answer to yourself, then click to reveal the correct answer to make sure you have mastered the concepts.
  • Subliminal modules are encoded with Isochronic tones. Music is tuned to 432hz. This gets you to a state where the gatekeeper of the conscious mind can be bypassed. Then, the recorded positive affirmations get implanted into your brain
  • The exercise at the end of each lesson is available on audio. This guidance keeps your brain at the right frequency. You don’t have to memorize what to do by reading text, then switching back and forth.
  • Exercises are brainwave entrainment encoded. This gets you to the proper state for meditation, creativity, learning, or focused concentration. Here, free-flow thought occurs.

There’s much more. You’ll get a complete understanding of how this works and what it does by visiting:   www.RapidManifestation.com

Now you’re probably wondering how much this great system will set you back.

If you weren’t a WealthPerx Member, the Rapid Manifestation online course with everything mentioned runs $214. This course has been online and available to retail customers, but for the very first time, WealthPerx members can get it at a deep discount. How’s a $214 discount sound? In other words, ABSOLUTELY FREE to all six membership levels.

WealthPerx Directors have the opportunity to earn income by selling it retail through an affiliate link. No other affiliate opportunities are provided to resell the program as an affiliate, other than as a WealthPerx Director.