Wealthperx is a savings club!

The average couple spends an average of $625 per month on groceries. These figures are according to the USDA’s moderate-cost plan. If your family is larger and/or you live in a more expensive area of the US, this figure will be much higher.

This service saves you money on products you are already buying. You also get discounts dining out. There are no hassles or gimmicks.

Print out the coupons you need, and present at the cash register wherever you shop. Coupons are also available by mail for those who do not have Internet Access.

This one bonus alone could easily pay for your membership!

At $625 per month, a 50% savings equates to $312.50 per month. Even a savings of $100 per month is significant and more than welcome in any household.

The WealthPerx Savings Club is included in all six levels of membership.